Who We Are

About Us

Established in 1980

Founder: – The late Mr. Samuel Onyango Josiah,  Former Provincial Commissioner, Chairman East African, Posts and Telecommunications.

Auctioneer: – Mr. James O. Josiah joined the firm 1982.

May 2015 – Published the First Auctioneers Handbook

2006-2013 – Member Auctioneers Licensing Board. (Appointed by the Hon Chief Justice)

2007-2009 – Headed the Board sub-committee on the creation of the Auctioneers Practice  Rules (2009) (code of conduct)

– Headed the Board sub-committee on the creation of continued Education for  Auctioneers Sub rule 9 the Auctioneers Practice (2009)

– Made presentations on the Auctioneers Practice at ongoing seminars

(4 annually in different regions of the country from 2011)


2013 – Elected President East Africa Auctioneers and Bailiffs Association

2012 – Elected Deputy President East African Auctioneers and Bailiffs Association

2007-2011 – Elected Chairman National Association of Kenya Auctioneers


  • Member of the International Union of Judicial officers (UIHJ)
  • Attended conferences by UIHJ Made presentations on Harmonized modes of recovery worldwide at:-
  •  Drakensburg Sun, S.Africa
  •  Cape town, S.Africa
  •  Paris, France
  •  Athens, Greece


MISSION: – Maintain diligence, honesty and integrity in the due process of recoveries on behalf of our clients, most importantly not exposing them to undue litigation.

Our Services

  1. Investigation
    • Civil
    • Individual or corporate bodies
    • Lost or misplaced motor vehicles
    • Company assets
    • Shareholders and company directors
    • Parcels of land belonging to individuals or corporate bodies
    • Details of assets held by banks as security
    • Searches at company registry
    • Searches at land registries across the country
  2. Debt collection
    • We do corporate and individual debt collection
  3. Conveyance
    • Procuring title deeds
    • Effecting transfer of properties
    • Procuring new leases
    • Extension of leases


Areas of Expertise

  • 1) Realizing Securities : – Sale of immovable properties securing financialFacilities / charged properties- Sale of movable properties secured under a debenture.- Repossession of chattels under chattels mortgage- Repossession of chattels securing Micro-finance facilities- Executing Court Decrees: – Attachments, sale and evictions2) Property and Auction sales of institutions or boarded stores3) General Auction sales instructed by clients.4) Rent recoveries – Distress for rent

    5) Motor vehicle storage

    Client Base: – We maintain a database of both local and international clientele who regularly attend our Auctions which enables us dispose of properties that are said to be hard to sell.


    Value: Kshs. 1 Billion

    The due process of sale of Miwani Sugar Company land

    Recovery: Successful